Apologies for the inconveniance, we are unable to offer flight training due to a lack of staff.

We are despearatly searching for a Chief Flying Instructor to assist our instructors.

Aircraft Hire is available.

Please check back soon.

Learning to fly is a wonderful, but sometimes challenging experience, achievable by almost anyone from the age of 15.

White Gum Aviation is committed to providing a safe and effective method in all aspect of 3 axis flight instruction, through to RA-Aus pilot certificate and more.
​We operate from a country airstrip 7 days a week, no landing fees, no hold ups or airservices charges.

With a combination of classroom theory, practical hands-on flight training and following a recognised syllabus you too can gain your Pilot Certificate.

White Gum Aviation

Trial Instructional Flights

Conducted in our modern A22LS Foxbat.

You are in the pilot seat. You get to control some basic aircraft maneuvers. No previous experience required!

​From $95.00

Flight Training

3 Axis Recreational Aviation Australia flight Instruction in the school Foxbat.

1 Hour ​$260.00

Flight Review

3 Axis Recreational Aviation Australia BFR in the school Foxbat.

1 Hour ​$260.00

Aircraft Rental

Wet hire our A22LS Foxbat.

​Approved Pilots Only.

1 Hour ​$170.00